Life in pics + may goals!

i did my third piercing on my right earlobe. hopefully this one will not get infected like the last one *crossing my fingers*

had coffee at acme bar and coffee at troika in KL. it was good and had a great time catching up with danisha :)

on the side note, I AM EXTREMELY BROKE. thanks to all the shopping i did while i was in KL. i spent a lot on food *DUH* and clothing. well, i bought a long dress for my cousin's wedding from karen millen *justifiable purchase in my opinion, especially since it was on sale!* and a boxy top from shopbop.

following the blogs i follow, i think it will be good to share some goals on my blog and revisit them every month. this month i shall:

1. study consistently

i want to really master my psychiatric knowledge since it is very interesting. i will make it a point to study on the weekends ( 2 hours of studying the clinical presentations and managements  and 2 hours of doing my assignments and 1 hour everyday at least to revise general medicine and general surgery stuffs )


god, i really need to shop less. i really need to prioritise my spending. i definitely i didn't need to buy the boxy top from madewell but i bought it anyway and it is not even flattering on me! :'( well, i learnt my lesson the hard way. so this month, after the recent trip to KL, i shall not spend any more money on clothes until next semester.

3. lose weight

again, i weigh 66.5 now. i promised myself that i will be more toned and lean for my cousin's wedding in august since i do not want to embarrass my mom and i do not want to feel inferior compared to other girls. i will make it a point to eat healthily and control my sugar intake. and workout more! i know i can do this i just need to put more effort into it. i need to weigh 65 by the end of may.

4. blog consistently

i realize that when i blog consistently, i feel better emotionally. and i shall post at least 2x/week. 

5. be more fashionable

with all the new clothes i have purchased, i will make it a point to look more presentable. i shall talk about my fashion inspiration in my upcoming blog post.

thank you peeps for bothering to read my nonsense:) it really means a lot to me


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