how to accept criticism when you least expect it

since i passed my number to this guy, let's call him max, we have been texting ever since. and i kinda like it because it keeps me excited through out the day and he is a chronic texter, just like me.

anyway, last night he accidentally said that one of our mutual friends whom i used to be really close with told him that he actually could not handle my talkativeness. 

after all this time he used to tell me his problems and how he claimed to feel that he clicks with me yada yada yada, he told his friend that he thinks i am talkative.

moments like this are so painful to me because i was trying to be a good friend but apparently i was not.


i am trying to be a bigger person and telling myself that it is better that i know now and change myself so there will not be anything like this in the future.

but at the same time, it is so hard to accept the truth.

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