love at first sight

hi lovelies! sorry for the MIA. medschool was busy but today i finally submitted my final assignment. fingers crossed i score well!

so a very pertinent question....

do you guys believe in love at first sight?

so i met this guy through a mutual friend when i went to KL. and he vouched that it was love at first sight for him to me. and i am still shocked at the idea? given that he is 27 years old and i always thought your logic should be slightly more dominant at this age?

he said we share so many similarities and he loves how i am so playful...? i am not trying to be vain here!

i don't want to get heartbroken and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

so i told him that i am not down for sex since i am keeping it for marriage.

he told me he respects my decision and gave me his ring as a promise that he will never ask for that.

i tried giving the ring back but he was so persistent.

he said he is confident i would be his.

so yesterday he came to visit me in JB and we spent the night drinking and i fell asleep in his hotel room ( no hanky panky business i swear! ) and he said he loves me.


i don't know what to do in this situation.

it sounds too good to be true, no?

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