One Shoe Too Many...NOT! (and some random updates)

Is there such a thing as too many shoes for girls? 

Oh my God... This is so rhetorical... Obviously no!

I have been eye-ing on Michael Kors shoes because his design has the boho/chillaxed vibe to it. It totally suits me! Plus, people have been saying how comfortable his shoes are. I am so going to save money so that I can splurge on Michael Kors shoes!

KORS Michael Kors Jacinda Vintage Calf Wedges in Barley
picture taken from www.polyvore.com

What do you think about this one? I love the tan color, the boho vibe, the stripes, and the lux feeling that you get from it. I can picture a girl wearing dark skinny jeans, black loose tank, aviators, some boho bag, and these shoes! And don't forget some bangles! Hermes bangles would be nice ( check this post ).

And for those of you who are asking why I am blogging because last time I posted a post, I said that I was heavily studying for an exam. Well, the storm has ended! :D I don't know how I did but hopefully I did well. I will tell my result once I know. 

I just had banana+orange smoothie that I finished in 60seconds. Now I am extremely full and sleepy. LOL. So much for yoga. But tomorrow I am either going to work out or do eyebrow threading. My eyebrows look werewolfy! :( But I also need yoga so badly because I just did body pump class yesterday and my body is aching! Oh well, no pain no gain right? My weight has gone down a bit to 66.5-67 :) I am happy about the improvement. The tortoise wins the race, remember? ;)

I have something exciting to tell coming up! I am going to let you guys know about it soon! :))


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