Gossip... What's Your Stand?

Just admit it, when a bunch of girls meet, gossip bonds them over. It is a common denied knowledge because when you hear the word gossip, your mind directly makes you think of a group of bimbos that only know how to pout and talk bad about others. That is exactly what happened. I just woke up from a long nap and suddenly my sister asked me to join her and her friends for a girl's night out. Then, when I met her friends, I found out that her ex is now dating the mean girl from my high school that I am never a big fan of. From there, the rest is history.

I know that this sounds so mean and bitchy but sometimes a little gossip is good. Not too much, just a little bit. Why only a little? Because when you gossip too much, you will one day realize that you will become this shallow person that always judges others. I have a love and hate relationship with gossip. I hate how it makes me feel super guilty, vain and shallow after doing it but I can't help the satisfaction of doing it. For me, I goss like I rant. My topic circulates around people whom I find super negative. Exhibit A, this mean girl from my high school because apparently she used to talk negatively about me and laughed about me when I was in high school when in fact I never did anything to her.

Anyway, this morning, I woke up feeling terribly bad and I promise you guys and myself that I will try to cut it back. Because if everyone keeps on gossiping, it will never end. Everyone will always badmouth everyone and that is not nice. So, I want to apologize because I gossiped last night but I wouldn't deny that it felt good in a way.

Besides gossip, we also talked about the latest fashion and beauty craze. Apparently my sister's friend works at Bazaar Magazine! :D And she wore the Hermes bangle I've been eye-ing for!
How lovely is this bangle?
  For dinner, I ordered squid ink ravioli with seafood and mascarpone cheese. It was not fantastic and quite bland to be honest but the seafood was fresh so I devoured all the squids and shrimps but I only ate one ravioli. I also ordered vanilla tea which tasted divine! :)))

I would not mention the restaurant name because usually the food is good ( according to my sister ) so when I give it a second try and I think it's good, then I will mention the name. :))

I am going back to Malaysia on the 12th! I can't wait to see S! :)) 

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