I am sorry for missing for a long timeeeeeee. It's just medschool is damn kraayzziieehh and I have been juggling to balance everything out and I still have yet to figure how to balance things out. :(

And, exam is coming on the 2nd of April and I still have a lot of things waiting to get stuffed into my little brain. 

And I am juggling between eating healthily and working out with my crazy schedule. :(
My sugar craving has gone haywire and the sugar has shown its effects on me. ( HELLO PIMPLES AND ZITS )

Until I have found out how to declutter and organize my life, I am not able to post in an arranged manner :/

Anyway, here I am, at Starbucks with S. He is playing with his new toy ( the brand new iPad HD ) and I am stuck with my lappie and my histology book.

her drink ( tall low fat hot chocolate ) and his drink ( venti caramel java chip )

my 'beloved' histology book
Okay, I am off to study the joints, bones and connective tissue now. Gonna update really soon! And wish me luck for my exam on the 2nd of April! *fingers crossed*

Ciao! See you soon peeps ;)

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