what does your name really mean?

i came across this website from other blogs and surprisingly... it is very true!

here i have copied and pasted my result

Bright, bold and rather authoritarian as well as quick tempered, these two certainly aren´t characterized by their discipline and flexibility... B   and W tend to be high handed and are often brittle, haughty and proud. Extremely confident, they usually have grandiose ambitions - especially since they are sensitive to external signs of wealth. Such tendencies coupled with a determination to succeed, lead them to constantly seek bigger, better and more. They may have difficulty sitting still or doing nothing for any length of time and are usually active and dynamic. And yet the results do not always live up to their efforts, indeed their lives can be quite disorganized and their minds just as messy. These very inquisitive women want to know almost everything, however they can easily flit from one subject to another, not necessarily get to the bottom of things. They like change and are disposed to frequent soul searching, not without certain risks. Even so, this is much preferable to a life of routine and monotony, of which they would quickly tire. They cherish their freedom and are die-hard feminists: women´s liberation is much more than just an idea! At the same time they possess a certain charm and an insatiable zest for life. They are pleasant and likeable, and are partisans of the saying “Enjoy yourself, it is later than you thinkrdquo;.... As children, and W need stable reference points and a relatively strict upbringing, because they tend to impose their views and desires on others through their capricious behavior, jealousy and possessiveness. It would be wise to impart the value of sharing very early on in life. They would equally benefit from developing their social skills so as to avoid becoming too self-centered. Not particularly conciliatory, they are critical thinking and analytical whilst themselves remaining extremely hypersensitive.

i have to concur with most of the things they have written about me except for the authoritarian part. i do not think i am that controlling....

go check out yours! it is quite fun! :)

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