bad beauty habit

i have one really bad beauty habit....

as a medical student, we are supposed to go to the hospital every morning and the hospital i am attached to..... HAS NO AIR CONDITIONER....

so it is downright humid and hot....

i always wash my hair in the morning before i go to class and after class, i usually take a quick bath again just to freshen up, get some work done or nap for a bit and at 8pm, i will do my daily workout.

and by the time i am done with my workout, my hair will be soaked with all the sweat and dirt i have accumulated through out the day and i will wash it again as i take my third shower for the day.

yes i shower three times a day.

after doing this for quite some time, i noticed that my hair started falling :(

and i panicked.

so i tried looking for gentle shampoo that is not too pricey but can help me with my hair situation.

when luxola had sale on this shampoo, i was telling myself to give it a go.

the shampoo arrived after a week and i immediately tested it.

the verdict?

the smell resembles old spice deodorant with a strong mint smell and it gives your scalp tingling sensation through out. my housemate said the shampoo smells strongly of cinnamon. it does not lather as much as your usual shampoo.

i noticed that my hair has become smoother and easier to manage after two uses.

regarding the hair fall? i have yet to notice a difference but my friends told me that my hair has looked nicer and i am not complaining! :)

will i buy it again?

yes, because i kinda like the smell now even though at first i was put off by it.

and here is the description from the website about this shampoo:

Anti-aging, antioxidant rich, volumizing, and nourishing to the scalp, hair, body and mind. Formulated without sulfates, parabens, silicones, ethoxylates, PEG, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. Ideal for every hair type, invigorating, while cleansing and purifying the hair and scalp. The result - luxurious, beautiful hair.

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