dear future boyfriend

dear future boyfriend,

i do not know where you are now but i am waiting for you to find me as i embark on the journey to be the best version of myself that i can be. 

i might not look like your typical girl when you see me. my good friends have told me i give out a certain 'i do not need guys in my life' vibe and my outfit does not help as loose shirt and straight jeans are what you will most likely see me in.

i hope you are in a journey to toughen up so that when we meet, you can handle me and all my emotional scars. i need someone who can lead me along the way. 

i cry for the silliest things. and do not cry for the more important things. 

you better earn a lot and that is not because i am materialistic but because i want you to be someone whom my brother will be able to trust to give me a life i deserve after 15 years of hardship since my father left me.

my family can seem tough but please get along well with them. they financed my education and they love me as much as they love themselves and i love them unconditionally too.

if you like to go clubbing, please be my guest as i will not say no but do not expect me to join too. i am not going to forbid you from having some fun with your boys.

but you better bring me to a date to a fancy coffee place and give me a nice journal instead of flowers to make it up :)

i hope by the time we meet, i will be an amazing doctor (who also looks good :p) and you will be this amazing guy who will swoon me.


your future girlfriend

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