bad boy, bad move

so i had a date with the aforementioned guy. and the guy is a total womanizer. how do i know? because we used to hang out and he would tell me and my friends about his latest 'fun'. 

so we met up last wednesday for a couple of drinks ( or more ) and were simply catching up with each other lives. he told me how work is tiring for him and his mom is always nagging him. oh, and sorry i forgot to tell you that he is 29 years old. no, this was not a date.

as a bad boy as he is, he told me he wanted to come to my place to chill and smoke a baby joint. and i said okay but i would not smoke cos i am just not into it but i did not mind him coming over as he had done it in the past.

so... as he smoked in my balcony, i was just standing next to him... the next thing i knew, he put his arms around my shoulder and kissed me. and for God's sake i knew he was just playing around, being an opportunist and trying his luck. i knew what kind of guy he is exactly. yet i still fell for it. luckily not as hard as how i usually fall for this kinda guys.

we went for another date 3 days after and the same thing happened ( i would not bore you guys with details ) and this was the conversation that took place....

me   : i know you are just playing around and i do not intend to get hurt.
boy  : no no i am not playing around
me   : then why didn't you call me?
boy  : cos i am just right around the corner. listen, i will call you when i am in KL. i will come back next month.
me   : how do you know that i am not playing around?
boy  : because you are too nice.

so... it has been 3 days since he said that and still no call or text. and i just cannot be bothered:)

it feels good. i just do not care. i am disappointed at what i did but at the same time i think i made progress by moving on and not caring about him.

i just do not understand why we always fall for the ones that always make us cry and hurt us? always fall for the wrong ones? i am lucky enough to have my eyes open wide since the very beginning but i know there are other girls out there who are still in this vicious cycle.

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