Earrings-gasm! :D

How awesome are these babies??? :DDDDD I found them after having dinner with my siblings and I knew that I just had to buy them! :))) These are earrings from House of Harlow. They are adorable and super versatile. I love pairing them with black racerback tanktop, skinny jeans, converse, and my mini Alexa bag from Mulberry. :)))

But, there is no such thing as too many stuffs for girls! :p Now I'm trying to save money to buy a new Balenciaga Pompon Bag in Black :)))) It's so adorable and it has that bohemian vibe to it which I really adore! :)))

Sorry that I've been missing. The internet connection in my house sucks :/ and it just got fixed so yea. That's another reason why I don't post many pics in my blog. :((( Sometimes I am so envious of other blogs because they have many nice pics and all. But hey, I am a newbie ( That's what I've been telling myself ) so I have all the rights to post as few pics as possible. ;) Self denial at its best I guess? Hahaha.

And about the weight loss journey.... I've been working out and eating as clean as possible but it's so hard to avoid munchies! Especially during holidays :((( I weighed myself and now I weigh 67.5kg 

But I know that if I keep on doing the hard work, I will finally reach my ULTIMATE GOAL WEIGHT. <3 AND I'M SUPER STOKED TO GET MY ASS INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL AGAIN! *nerd*

That's all for today dolls! ;) And I need to tune in into E! Channel because I need to get my bimbo brain going by watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

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