Just a Random Boring Holiday

I don't know what to name this post because I guess today's post is just a random musing about my day.
Holiday is getting boring because there's nothing much to do but I am quite proud of myself because I managed to drag myself to the gym today :D

I did 30 minutes on the strider, another 30 minutes on the cycling machine and another 30 minutes to do strength training for my triceps, back, shoulder and hamstring. :) Quite a good beginning.

Then I watched season 2 of Gossip Girls and watching Serena/Blake Lively truly motivates me to work out harder and taking care of myself better! She's totally my girl crush! :DDD I would love to be a brunette doctor version of her LOL. And her outfits through out the show are amazing. But my style is a mix of her style and Vanessa's style. I like to keep things on the edgy side ;)

But today is quite on the bad side because I just realised that I couldn't find my J Brand leggings! :(
They cost quite a fortune and they make my legs look grand and divine!!!!!! :((( Urgh I don't think I can find jeans as comfy as J Brand anywhere else. The color is also flattering. It's dark blue which makes it super versatile. I wanna post a pic of it but i can't find it on the net so yea :( But seriously, J Brand is so worth it! So if you are looking for awesome jeans, I totally recommend J Brand. However my sister loves Citizens of Humanity jeans. I have never owned one so I can't really tell but lemme tell you this, my sis has awesome fashion sense ( I am not being bias! ) so yea I think you can also consider this brand. I hope I can find my J Brand jeans soon or maybe in my dorm room back in Malaysia :((((( wish me luck!

Anyway, I've been thinking that I should start bringing my camera with me and start posting more pictures from my real life so that my readers can get better insight into my life even though I know it's quite bland compared to the life of other bloggers. :(

question : have you ever lost your favorite fashion item? what was it and did you find it back?

Anyway, good night loves! see you on the next post! <3 off to my beauty sleep :)

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