Update on H and My Rant of the Day

For those of you who have been reading my blog constantly, you guys should know by now that I am dating S and I used to date H. Surprise surprise? My close friend is now dating H. I am happy for her because she's happy with him and don't get me wrong please, I am totally over him. But the uneasy feeling you get in your stomach when you know that your ex is dating someone from your circle of friends. The awkwardness that will happen when you bump into both of them because you wanna be happy for your close friend but there is another side of you which does not allow you to be friendly with the guy because he used to stomp on you like crazy. And God knows what kind of gibberish he has been saying to her. 

The mere fact that now he is happy when I actually want him to suffer. The mere fact that now he has moved on. The mere fact that now because of my stupid friend who broke the sis-code #1 which is " THOU SHALLT NOT DATE YOUR CLOSE FRIEND'S EX", things are going to be super awkward. The mere fact that I want to come to her and tell her that this douche will eventually break her heart like he did with me.

I just want to tell the world how he is such a hypocrite who is radical about politics and religion.

I know some of you might think that I should just let it be since I am with S. Trust me, I am trying to shoo this bad feeling off but I just can't.

Oh well, I heard that looking good more than ever is the best revenge. So I think I just shall try that. ;)

Gym, diet, salon and spa, here I come! <3

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