M and J

I am sorry for the blog hiatus because there have been so many things going on.

so for a quick update....

1. I am currently in my final year of medicine! *woot woot*

2. I am in Melbourne now and loving it! would love to be able to get a job here

3. I broke up with J :)

So...about the break-up...it was nasty and messy.

A lot of yelling and cursing.

Not something you would expect from a 28 years old but then again, who knew right? That's why roses have thorns.

for those who have been reading my blog through out the years ( which is so unlikely given the repeated hiatus), you guys are aware of how I always got entangled in shitty relationships that affected me and left me in this emotional mess.

But this break up made me realise and opened my eyes. I learned a lot about myself and the importance of friendship. I would not go through the same break up again but I am thankful for the more mature person I have become after the break up.

I will give you updates about life in Melbourne in the upcoming posts.

Till then, ciao lovelies. 

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