what is better than sorry?

sorry for the blog hiatus. i am currently doing my paediatrics posting and it has been hectic but at the same time i am loving it. i never knew that i actually love kids. and just to motivate me further to do better in this posting, a tutor actually told me i have what it takes to be a paediatrics. :)

anyway, about life.

so this guy, J, has been in my life for 2 months. 

he has been this guy that i long for. he is sweet, puts effort into 'us', calls me everyday and drives down to johor from kl almost during every weekend. 

but all good things must come to an end eventually.

one by one, small things start to annoy us and we have been having small fights. i would say they mostly came from me and my insecurities and he would get so angry cos he thinks that i do not want this as much as he does.

and as i have been repeatedly saying sorry in a desperate attempt to apologise for my mistake after my logic and sense have entered me back, he told me...

'stop saying sorry. your sorry does not mean anything'

i do not know how i feel now. 

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