i am just dying for an approval.

isn't everyone?

i am so scared to let people know about the negative thought lingering in my head. 

what if the people i cherish start leaving me because of this stupid thought.

in the end you are always alone.

love is an illusion created by your brain.

your boyfriend only wants to be with you when you are at your best.

once he cannot take it, he will leave. just like others. leaving another scar.

i wish i can numb my feelings. be a heartless person.

so that i could careless about what others say or do.

i hate that feeling when you desperately need someone and that person you think will be there is never there. relationship and friendship and all the sweet words seem to be mere void meaningless alphabets which are randomly arranged.

i am not happy. i want to leave. but i do not want to hurt you. i do not want to be hurt either. 


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