things to drool at

okay. so it's decided. i am going to save my money. and ONE DAY. mark my words. ONE DAY. i shall spend money as if the future of mankind depends on it. like a boss.

oh yea.

let's cut some BS and get down to the business?

bvlgari zero bracelet in rose gold with black ceramic

christian dior carmine suede pump.

alexander wang lia sling bag in red

chanel chronograph j12 watch with diamond dial
gosh. i want to be a ballin doctor. well and an awesome one, in a sense that i can actually change people's lives. in style. 

oh yea.

sorry, my bimbo side just has to come out.

please let me marry this guy. 


i know i can't spend money on him but i always drool at his face. and body. and smile



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