again. another sobby post which has no end i guess

so. S crossed my mind again. for the n-th time. the more i want him to get the fuck out of my mind, the more he keeps popping out of no where.

i miss him.

but i know. the moment we get back together. we would fight. it's none of our fault. it's just...like that.

we are peanut butter and nutella. 

we taste good. amazing. but we make you gain weight like fuck. despite that, you still want us. despite the consequences.


no. it's not stupid.

it's being humane.

or, as S put it before, we are like tempeh goreng and sambal.

funny how things are so different now.

the distant memories feel like they were just yesterday.

when we were flirting on facebook. saying how we would click just like some food combination. talking about how i like panda hug. how i like his smell. gucci guilty.

i am tearing now.

it is not funny.

i hate this.

please hurt me. more. let me cry like a howling wolf for a night. and i will be okay on the next day.

i forgot when we broke up. when things went anticlimatic.

it's funny how after we broke up, i always remember you whenever i see oakley shop or mooncakes.

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