after all we are all human. sort of for some people apparently

so. i just simply don't get it.

the whole thing between christianity and islam.

i mean. dude... like seriously. there's only a small difference between these two.

i am a christian. i believe in god. i love my religion.

but i DO NOT AGREE with what jewish people do to palestine. 

i saw this picture of a small boy losing his limbs. so much for doing whatever the torah or bible or whatever says, yes? 

love others like you love yourself. 

i do not agree with what muslim pakistanis i meet say about hindhu indians.

'indians are dirty. they drink cows' urines'


i mean. FUCKING SERIOUSLY? dude. fucking grow up. so much more serious matters than these okay? 

i know i am still young. i am only 19. well turning 20 in a month. but i think i am old and mature enough to know what i am voicing right now is true.

i do not like with how saudi people come to malaysia and judge some of my friends who wear shorts as sluts. you come here, you adjust with our culture. and btw, your country is not the best country in the world just because you have kabbah.

stop beating up maids from my country as well.

christians, stop making fun of muslim people. do you know christian and islam were one before this? 

muslim indonesians, stop burning churches. christian indonesians, stop mocking muslim indonesians.

after all. we are all human beings.  

and we have had enough of this. well, at least me. 

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