When you can't make lemonade

What happens when life gives you lemon, but you don't like lemonade? 

And after all of it, you try making lemonade, but it's not good enough?

Then you're left out feeling dumb, even though actually you know how to make milkshake...

The thing about being in medical school is, even though people think you are smart and all that, you cannot help but feeling dumb because your peers will always seem to know medical facts that you don't know. And when you see other girls from other courses, they have the time to look good and all that and you're stuck with hoodie, jeans and sneakers because you don't have the time to dress up.

Having a boyfriend also does not help because you end up being distracted from studying. And the fact that he cannot seem to understand that this is what it takes to be a doctor. And the fact that your mom does not like your boyfriend. Plus, do not forget shitty exam result...

Life seems to be so shitty right now and I don't even know what to do. I just want to crawl in my bed and sleep till everything becomes okay.

I hope you guys who read this have a better time than me for the weekends. I'll be having dates with different books. Pharmacology book on saturday and anatomy book on sunday.



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