BYE 2011! HELLO 2012!

OMG! I feel bad because I haven't posted anything for the past few weeks! Holiday with S was such a distraction from every chore I had to do. Oh well, now I'm back to Jakarta and S is back to Singapore :(
We'll see each other again in February :( Just have to hang on with Skype at the time being but it's better than nothing I guess.

Okay, let's just get straight to business, shall we? ;)

My 2012 new year's resolutions are :
1. Go to the gym at least 3x a week ( including both holiday and exam season )
2. Scrub and exfoliate skin at least once a week.
3. Save money for a good quality scarf and handbag ( Coach for scarf and Prada/Balenciaga for handbag )
4. Be more organised since I'm getting a single room for my new dorm room in Monash
5. Put hair mask at least once a week
6. Put cuticle oil on nails routinely. Those nails are disgusting, I'm telling you!
7. Get weight down to 60kg
8. Put face mask once a week
9. Eat at least one serving of fruits/ day
10. Be healthy and remember that you are special the way you are
11. Travel somewhere I have never visited before
12. Go to the beach!
13. Pray more often
14. Go to church more often
15. Become closer towards my family members
16. Study smart and aim for the dean's list

I want 2012 to be a positive year and a year when I can be the best version of myself. About the fruit thingy, I know most of you will start raising an eyebrow when you read it because it only says one serving. I'm telling you, it's so hard to eat fruits and veggies because of the hectic schedule of medical students. So i want to start from small baby steps before aiming to run. At least I'm trying to be healthier.

I hope I can achieve these resolutions!

what are your new year resolutions? :)

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