It's 7.55 p.m here and I miss my love a lot :/

I have known him, S, a few months after I attended my pre-U program. For those who don't know what pre-U is, pre-U is program to equalize some high school degrees because some universities think some high school degrees from some countries are not equivalent to their levels. That's not the reason why I attended pre-u though, but we will get back to that later.

I dated a Bahraini guy and a Pakistani guy. The Bahraini guy was a total turn-off and I still don't know why I could cope up with him. While the Pakistani guy is a totally different story. We were best friends and when we started dating
, he became a totally different person.... He hurt me and broke my heart so badly.

S was there and he saw every single detail of it. He didn't like me yet at that time but if i were him, I wouldn't go for me since I looked like a lost sheep trying to figure out which guy her shepherd is. And I used to annoy S a lot because of my jokes. Vice versa, I used to think that S hated me because of my characteristics. Yet, despite all of these, we managed to hang out quite often.

And then, one night changed it all......Suddenly there was this strong spark coming from me and I hugged him. He hugged me back.... He held me tightly to his body as if he didn't want me to go anywhere. He held my hands and put his fingers between my fingers...And it all felt so right. I loved the way he smelt that night. His perfume, Gucci Guilty, was just right. Then it hit me. I have always liked the way he smells. I have always liked the way he makes me feel safe. I have always liked the fact that he prays and he is not embarrassed of it. I like the fact that he is funny and makes fun of everyone around him. I like the fact that he tells me that I'm beautiful in his own way. And I like the fact that he is not embarrassed to admit to others that he likes me, a lot.

I can't wait to see him in 8 more days. :)

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