Better by Atul Gawande

My friend said ," Weird, I don't remember you as an intense reader back then."

Well, now that I am in the last bit of medical school without (major) exams, I have time to do what I have always loved the most. And, I guess I am just trying to learn and distract myself from whatever is bugging me. And so far, it has been working really well.

Right now, I am reading Complications by Atul Gawande.

Perhaps, if you are a medical student or geriatrician or a social worker, you have come across his more well renowned work, Being Mortal, which is really good as well.

However, I prefer this book as it highlights what has been missing in me to become a successful doctor.

Diligence is a perpetual effort.

That's the most striking sentence I have read in the book so far. 

I could have achieved better marks, lost weight, had better skin and sofort if I had had sticked to whatever regime I was doing and perpetually improving it. 

Basically, I am lacking diligence in my life. I am just not patient enough to keep putting effort and strive for the excellence and greatness in my life like what other doctors have done.

A lot of great figures in the past are obsessed with perfection and borderline OCD if I may say so ( no offence to people with OCD ). 

Thank you Atul for making me aware of this before I fully embark on my medical career.

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