money money caching

i have not written any post in such a long time.

my life has been rather flat. in a good way.

no drama. no fight. 

occasional tears, yes.

however, there is one problem which has been bugging me for quite a while though i never brought it up in this blog.

how does a medical student save money?

my family is not poor by any mean. we are not rich either.

and i, as a girl, have a lot of wants. for the time being i am just dying for a really nice watch to replace my old one which is going kaputt.

any idea on how to save money? i cut off my gym membership which helps me save quite a bit. i do not go out to parties or nice restaurants. i try to eat at home unless for lunch because eating outside is way more convenient. even so, i still eat at random chinese places which offer hearty soup at a wallet-friendly price.

i have been saving but i still think it is not enough.

any idea on how to do this? would love to hear some advices 

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