the ocean

found this on a web that i was leisurely browsing through.

i want this. i cannot fathom why i want this. i am supposed to be an independent 20 years old. but sadly i am not. deep down i am still that little girl with pigtails waiting for someone to hold my hand dearly and tell me that everything is going to be alright. regardless and nevertheless. 

i want love that tucks me to bed and kisses me on the forehead saying bon nuit. 

i want to feel safe. secure. and liberated. 

i cannot stop thinking maybe in every adult lies a kid that cannot come up to the surface because that kid is drowned in the expectations that society has. 

the water is so deep. that kid is soaked. drowned. breathless. 

i definitely have a 5 years old in me that still smiles happily as i spoon nutella straight from the jar. 

and it is fine to do so.

yes it is.

a little chocolate does not hurt anyone.

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