i have been attached to you. overly and dearly. it is nice. i like it when you kiss me on the neck. or when we look at each other in the eyes and do nothing. with you it has always been the comforting silence, something i can always indulge in. 

it is nice. and scary.

will you leave me in the end? like how you left some girls? will you turn out to be a psycho who says the meanest things just to get the anger out of you? are you just gonna be another guy who stays for a while and leaves scars?

life has been blissful ever since you are around. but i am scared at the same time. i know i am not supposed to jinx anything but i cannot seem to get rid of this daunting thought off my mind. 

a part of me tells me that i better cut things off. build a thick wall around me. not to let any guy come any closer. but you broke that wall. it is nice. yet it makes me feel vulnerable. naked. emotionally naked.

i am scared. but i am willing to take the risk. i hope i will never bore you. don't go. stay. i will never get bored of your subtle smell.

i love you mon cherrie

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