hello again

it has been more than a year since i last posted something on this blog. a lot have happened since. dramas. tears. laughters. sadness. madness. happiness. you name it. emotional roller coasters  has it been. 

human beings are so weird. they cannot live without others but at the same time they keep doing things that hurt others. the cycle is vicious and endless.

life has been better i guess for me. medical school is still tough as ever. dramas are still there. acceptance and maturity accompanied me this time though. or that is what i would like to tell myself.

to my family (excluding my douchebag dad), thanks for trusting me. you guys think that i am already mature. i don't think so yet i am flattered. thanks for the trust. will not fail you guys. i would rather die than betraying your trust. such a bold statement but i will not take it back. my debt to you is deeper than the sea. i love you guys, unconditionally. 

for Sab, my good gorgeous friend, you are amazing. you deserve a guy who treats you like a princess. who showers you with gifts, compliments and affections. and possibly blue-eyed :) we will make it through medical school. and yes, this year, we shall not be fat-ass <3

for Ma, my first friend in medical school who ends up being my best friend, i love you. thanks for being there. you are the reason why medical school is bearable. 

for N, thanks for endless advices on dating and dealing with guys. you have no idea how they have helped me. sorry i used to think that you were a dick before this. you turn out to be amazing :)

there are so many things that i want to tell. but words can only express so much of what one feels. to someone who has been filling my past few days. you are amazing. i am still scared from the previous experience. but lets take a dip into the pool and get wet together. i hope you can bear with me. my dramas. my fickleness. my  introverted side. my sides that others fail to understand. if you read this, you know who you are :) 

i am still a negative person deep inside and i doubt i will ever change. but change is inevitable. yes, no?

i am not making sense, aren't i?

oh well. that's a girl for you folks.


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