sunday soundtrack and some random musings/shenanigans


woke up after 6 hours of sleep. gosh. i miss sleeping for 8 hours. my eyebags can use a surgery right now. or the super expensive la mer eye cream

going to hit the gym for body pump class, do grocery, then study like usual. working out makes me feel sane and in control of my life.

i hate how i have a very short attention span. i get distracted easily when i study. i wish i can study like some people in my course. 

i woke up, made myself a cup of hot milk and now here i am, sipping my hot milk and blogging. life is good at these times. and the fact that i had a good night with my friend, N. we had sheesha last night and she was so nice! 

i am really scared for exam. i am afraid that i am going to fail this exam. so many things to study. i know i can do better. it is just hard to do so. but i believe if i put my mind to it, i can do it, juggling things between studying, taking care myself, and friends.

i saw S yesterday. he looked...odd. in a sense that, he looked.... i don't know how to describe it. i just found him....odd. he gained weight i think. he should do something about it. i am worried. he has high blood pressure. at the age of 24. it's not very common for a 24 years old boy, isn't it? i hope he is doing fine with his assignments as well. oh well. someone said he could not study when he was with me. so yeah. nevertheless, i hope he does something about his health. it is not funny to die from a heart attack at such a young age. *knock on the wood* and he has siblings who love him. so S, please please watch over your health.

anyway, i have to go. i have to get ready too. i have not been posting any good posts. i know. i am so sorry :(

this is my sunday soundtrack for this week. i just love this guy. he is so darn talented!

ciao! xx

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