Update on Life


Sorry i haven't posted for ages. 

I know that your blog is somewhat equivalent to your child.

You nurture it.

It's a fruit of your mind and effort.

However...life has not allowed me to nurture this baby of mine.

I am sorry.

S broke up with me. more than a month ago. thus, the blogging hiatus.

Medical school is tough.

The pelvic bone is funny.

And there are so many drugs to relieve blood pressure acting on different sites.

I love you, whoever you are as long as you're reading this.

I decided that my love for S is better used for other people.

The effort i put into the relationship is better used for other things.

And S needs someone more suited for him.

I love you S. good bye

Hello blogging world. Please welcome me with open arms because I miss you so much.

if you have instagram, please follow me @rilakubell and take a peak into my world. It's not always glamorous but i love it :-)

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