I am better off without you

Have you ever been feeling like you are being taken for granted? I have for SO MANY TIMES that I have lost counts. H, my first friend that I made in Malaysia and my ex-boyfriend, seems to be taking me for granted. H, I know you won’t be reading this but please understand that I am no longer your girlfriend and I am so sick of your sarcasms. You are an awesome person but you hurt me so badly. You dumped me just because you thought that I caused so many havocs for you and then you asked me for a second chance. And it was shit stupid of me to give it to you. And then, you treated me like shit yet I still loved you. You put ‘ I am single and I know it ;) ‘ as your status. You care about a Pakistani girl who likes you yet you don’t care about me. Then, the climax was when you called me to meet after ignoring me for one week just to tell me that this whole thing wasn’t working. Such a masterpiece. I would still love you because we shared a strong bond. Even though I love S right now, I still loved you as a friend until you gave me your typical sarcasms and snit comments. I CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE. You were the one who said we were better off as friends yet you can’t accept the fact that I’m so much happier with S than you. H, I’m sorry but it’s too much. I hope you realize that your ego has been hurting me more than I hurt you. Stop being so self centered and realize that everything should not always follow your way or your pace.

Goodbye for now until you can fix your ego H. I really hope we still can be good friends :') 

And just accept the fact that I am happy with S and I am not begging for your attention anymore.

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