Freshman Fifteen? :(

I bet you guys have heard a lot about freshman fifteen and sadly I am on my way there :(. I've gained 8 pounds and I want to stop it and go back to my old self.

I was browsing through some blogs and I came across to http://mealsandmovesblog.com/ which is having an event called Dedicated December. Basically what you do is you stick to your healthy eating regime and work out regime despite December being a holiday month to see your old or better self! :) 

I used to weigh around 64-65 kgs ( my happy weight ) and now I weigh 67-68. I would love to go down to 60 but now I just wanna go down to 65 first.

I would love to be a better version of myself. I mean, I am not fat and I have to admit that I am kinda flabby because during the past 2 months I have not been working out and staying in the library all the time makes my thighs no good even though it did its job in terms of scores.

So, for this Dedicated December, I want to:
1. start each day with a glass of warm water. It can flush out all the toxins and make you healthier and your skin glow
2. work out at least 3 times a week in the gym and besides that is swimming or yoga to make sure that I stay active.
3. Reduce sugar intake because it is creating havoc on my body and on my skin ( pimples! )
4. stay committed even though the scale might not show any progress because the main idea is to get healthier! :)
5. eat more salads!

There are a lot more that you can do but it's better to start from something small isn't it? :)

and since me and S are going to embark on it together, i hope it is going to be easier LOL.

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