Realizations :)

Having living overseas for quite a while has made me cherish some things that I used to take for granted and realize what kind of person I actually am. 

My dog, siblings, mom, housemaids, fresh laundry, the smell of burning scented candles sis always lits ( it's always either eucalyptus or lavender ), treadmill machine in the living room, chauffeur, mom's raid-able closed, full stocked fridge, and super fast internet ;)

When you were young, you always think that your high-school friends define you. If your friends are popular, so are you. If your friends are not, well.... you are not. I used to feel like the later one. However, since I study abroad, I came to a realization that even if you cry and you tell your friends that you did, will the things they say make a big difference? I no longer feel lonely when I don't have friends to hang out with. That means girly DVD time all for myself! :)

I also learned what friends really mean. If they are good true friends, they won't make you feel insecure. You will find true friends the moment you are able to define and understand yourself. I am not saying as if I have lived for 1000 years and I am Yoda the wise but I can say that I have progressed. I have made friends who don't make me feel worried if they are going to criticize me for every single thing I do. And since I slash down my amount of friends, I have time to do things that I could not do because I used to complain  that I did not have the time, i.e gym. Thus, I've lost a bit of weight :) ( Now I am 66.5 ) Well, it's still a progress ,isn't it? :p

Yoda me is not :p

Oh, and I realized that the reason why we hate our mom/dad(s) is because we inherit the supposedly annoying characteristic from them. ;) Try to think of it.

It's just a random musing from me :)


going to enjoy this hols before starting sem 2 which is a different ball game than sem 1.


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