S comes to the rescue! Like usual :)

Last night I was telling S about my insecurities. I am deeply worried about what is happening between us. Even though it feels so right in every possible way, I am still broken from the previous relationships. Even though S has managed to make me feel safe all the time, I just can’t help but thinking about all negative possibilities and I have been talking about this to him ever since. I am not ready for fights and dramas at this moment….

This morning, S gave me a quote which is just perfect.

'A relationship without challenges is mundane. Be grateful for the little hurdles you have to go through together to make you a stronger pair.'

For those who are having troubles in their relationships, I hope this quote can strengthen you guys. 

Thank you for understanding me S. I love you :)

Can’t wait to see you in 6 more days love.

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